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A new way of thinking about business

With subscription services gaining in popularity for many brands today, I found this thought from Roel de Vries, CMO at Nissan Motor Company, to provide helpful guidance:

“Firstly the concept that you have an ongoing relationship with your consumer is a fundamental new way of thinking about business. For me, it’s less about having a business model around subscription services than it’s about having a subscription mindset in everything we do. It’s recognizing you have a daily, weekly, monthly relationship with your customer that you have to effectively manage.”

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Establishing a growth mindset for peak performance

Heading into a new year offers many new opportunities to make progress in business and in life. I have a theory that teams who start the year with the right mindset are far better equipped for success in the months ahead.  Here are my top tips for managers who want to establish a growth mindset for their team. 

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