Establishing a growth mindset for peak performance

Heading into a new year offers many new opportunities to make progress in business and in life. I have a theory that teams who start the year with the right mindset are far better equipped for success in the months ahead.  

Here are my top tips for managers who want to establish a growth mindset for their team. 

1. Set goals and objectives as a team

When you set annual, or quarterly goals, do the planning exercise together as a team. Plan an off-site and make sure everyone blocks out time to contribute. Supply good nourishing food, snacks and refreshments. There's nothing worse then thinking on an empty stomach!

Set up the session by establishing ground rules - encourage listening and open debate. When people feel understood, and have a voice in the process, this inspires positive connection and commitment to a shared mission. A positively connected work environment inspires people to do far more then they thought they could which leads to performance at the highest levels. 

When you complete the goal planning, open a bottle of something celebratory as a reward for this first step you've taken together. Start a discussion about a fun activity you can do together as a group reward for achieving your business goal. 

2. Commit team members to mastering a new skill

Managers can help team members achieve peak performance by selecting a new skill to learn that adds value to a priority project. Learning this skill can come from reading a book, taking an online course or attending a conference. 

Team members should make time for ongoing skill development by scheduling time in their calendar, just like a re-occurring meeting. 

3. Prioritize a wellness goal

A personal wellness goal - like getting daily exercise or 8 hours of sleep nightly - helps people perform better in their life. This leads to peak performance in work and can increase overall happiness.

A culture of good health is good for business and impacts the bottom line.