Knowing your audience & why it's important for success

I do a lot of work with start-up teams who need help creating awareness of new products and attracting and keeping the right customers as part of their Ecommerce marketing initiatives. 

A few recommendations come up often. 

First, if you are new to the market you have to identify who are the right people who will care most about your product. Online research surveys are great for this process; since you can learn all about audience profiles, and the key features and benefits of your product that people care about most (and how much they are willing to pay for them).

Then armed with these insights from research, you need to make creative content that will resonate with this audience - from your web landing pages, to email and advertising. In order for your content to create impact all of your content needs to be tailored so it resonates with your target audience. This is where creative craft skills are so essential; since you need to develop the language - words and visuals - that really connect with people on an emotional level. Crucially your audience needs to feel something and hopefully understand really clearly why they should care about - and choose your product - over others.

If you can do these things you'll be off to a good start.