Interview with thought leader Scott Snibbe

Social media has long been the domain of raw selfies and sometimes dull home videos. But that’s all changing now thanks in part to Scott Snibbe, a brilliant cross-disciplinary American artist, entrepreneur and educator.

With his app innovation, Eyegroove — the social network for music videos (acquired by Facebook), he helped hundreds of millions of people with confident creative expression across Facebook’s platforms, including Instagram and Messenger. Also unique among artists, Scott is an accomplished entrepreneur and founder of four creative technology companies, with twenty-five patents for his inventions with social media, music, video and augmented reality. As an educator, Scott serves the community through teaching positions with UC Berkeley, NYU and California Institute for the Arts, and for the past decade as a volunteer meditation instructor.

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Interview with thought leader Dina Chaiffetz, Director of Product at Prolific Interactive

Dina Chaiffetz is a San Francisco-based product strategist and UX researcher. In her work at Prolific Interactive, where she serves as Director of Product Strategy, she partners with big brands including Sephora, American Express, WeWork, and Gap Inc to design and grow their mobile initiatives. In this interview, Dina shares how her background in behavior science helps her to strategically address business goals and user needs. She frequently speaks and writes about the application of consumer psychology to product design, and serves on the leadership team of mBolden.

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Interview with thought leader Mike Strasser, VP/GM at Imperative Care

Mike Strasser is a prolific San Francisco-based product designer, entrepreneur and lecturer coach at Stanford’s He’s on 36 patents and his work spans cars for BMW, consumer tech for Steve Jobs at Apple and super-sonic planes for NASA. Most recently, his Motiv venture, brought to market a disruptive addition to the fitness and health tracker category. In this interview, Mike shares how his foundation in design thinking, and interest in impactful products to improve people’s lives, is core to his mission.

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A new way of thinking about business

With subscription services gaining in popularity for many brands today, I found this thought from Roel de Vries, CMO at Nissan Motor Company, to provide helpful guidance:

“Firstly the concept that you have an ongoing relationship with your consumer is a fundamental new way of thinking about business. For me, it’s less about having a business model around subscription services than it’s about having a subscription mindset in everything we do. It’s recognizing you have a daily, weekly, monthly relationship with your customer that you have to effectively manage.”

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The most innovative and fastest growing companies in Oregon

Exciting week in the Portland product community with two great events that bring industry together with interesting consumer companies from across the Oregon region: the OEN Food & Beverage Showcase and the Built Up Festival.

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Interview with thought leader Andreas Biebl, CMO at Winc

Winc’s unique approach to the wine retail category has redefined the wine club for the modern age. Their use of technology to customize wine recommendations for a customer’s personal taste, and flexibility for customer’s to choose what they want, has earned Winc a legion of loyal Millennial and Gen X subscribers. Winc’s application of design thinking methods, and data-driven decision making, has been instrumental to their success.

This is a post in our Thought Leader Q&A series in which we interview leaders from innovative companies. We’ll draw on Andreas’s approaches and experience at Winc to learn how they've built a successful business.

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Establishing a growth mindset for peak performance

Heading into a new year offers many new opportunities to make progress in business and in life. I have a theory that teams who start the year with the right mindset are far better equipped for success in the months ahead.  Here are my top tips for managers who want to establish a growth mindset for their team. 

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